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About As

We are the first benefit company operating in the field of institutional relations and lobbying. Founded on 22 March 2021, our company aims to create a new innovative reality with a decidedly disruptive approach.

We support our clients in building a network of valuable relationships with public decision-makers, based on solid and credible content, to influence the decision-making process and dictate the political agenda.

We act responsibly, sustainably and transparently towards all our stakeholders, be they institutional institutional decision-makers, customers, employees or suppliers. 

Our mission is to create value for our stakeholders and at the same time create social, environmental and cultural benefits.

Company Benefit & No Profit

We aim to effect change that is intended to revolutionise the entire whole institutional relations and lobbying ecosystem.

We decided to be born as a benefit company as we strongly believe in a sustainable development and we would like to effectively promote an economic paradigm shift. 

Being a benefit company means striving to ensure that our activities create value not only for our customers, but also in the social, environmental and cultural areas.

We focus on people, environmental protection and support for the third sector, thus meeting social needs and enabling a virtuous process to benefit the whole community.

The challenge for companies is now above all a cultural one: those that put people back at the centre and know how to rethink themselves as an eco-system based on the sharing of a System of Values will prevail.